As a newly qualified First Class Honours graduate and University Award Winner I am now greatly looking forward to the continued creativity and challenge of my MA studies at The University of Wales Trinity St. Davids, where I loved my Undergraduate experience.

I am passionate about using the medium to creatively explore relationships between memory, identity and place. In doing so I seek to explore how cultural connections between people and their communities develop and are communicated through image to audience.

I base my practice on experimental forms of photography, using the image to transport the viewer to different times, worlds or dimensions. Sometimes these are connected.

I test this concept through techniques such as the kaleidoscope and double exposure, exploring their application in the context of passion and inspiration taken from Manga, Anime, Cinema and Graphic Novels.

Drawing on related Japanese cultural influences, the representative use of colour also plays a key role in much of his photography, reflecting my belief in its importance of communicating the meaning of an image to audiences.

These passions and interests drive me to constantly challenge myself to find new and innovative ways to redefine my practice while still remaining true to the unifying and central concept of the image being the audience’s gateway to relationships and worlds they reflect on.

"It's to his further credit that he chose not only to base his work on Dylan's, but then to choose to display that work where the poet was born.  That is such a real way to link James in 2023 - and therefore the rest of us - with Dylan who lived in the house from 1914 until 1937. Seeing James' images hanging here certainly is an invaluable contribution to the continuation of Dylan's story, in this, the 70th year since his death. "  - Testimonial from Alun Gibbard and Geoff Haden. Dylan Thomas' Birthplace.

Exhibitions Featuring my Work:

July 2023: ‘Overly Blueish’, Copeland Gallery, London

June-July 2023: ‘An Ugly, Lovely Town’, The Base, Newbury

May-June 2023: ‘Overly Blueish’, Dynevor, Swansea

March-April 2023: ‘An Ugly, Lovely Town’, Dylan Thomas Birthplace, 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Swansea

September 2022: 'Studio Practice', Stiwdio Griffith, Swansea

April 2022: ‘Unbound', Dynevor Foyer

November 2021: ‘Y Farchnard Gelf’, Swansea Market, Swansea

Contact Info:

Phone Number 07823406805
Email adress:
Facebook: @jamespeaplephotographer   
LinkedIn: James Peaple 
Twitter: @JamesPeaple

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